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Protogonos Distribution is focused on distributing Star of Azazel literature for a North American audience. It is a divison of Lodge Phanes and works closely with Viides Askel. The company offers publications both in and out of print, for the original cost. In this way we hope to avoid absurd second-hand market prices, as well as expensive European shipping for in-print titles. Publications ship from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The Star of Azazel is an occulto-philosophical society, whose objective is to inspire its members with new possibilities for seeking truth. The principal idea of the society is the attempt to spiritually unite forms of esotericism, which to this day are seen as opposed to each other, both doctrinally as well as in the personal life of the individual. By these means we strive for the spiritual expansion of individuals and societies under the banner of understanding and love.

The Star of Azazel has its theological foundations in theistic Satanism and shares much with early Gnostic Christianity. The society’s theosophically-oriented ideology is based on the Theosophical movement begun by Helena Blavatsky in the later 19th Century. Our society differs from regular theosophical occultism by the fact that we follow a form of Satanic Philosophy.

Thank you for your interest in the Star of Azazel.