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Unseen Fire III (Mint Condition)


Image of Unseen Fire III (Mint Condition)

UNSEEN FIRE – an anthology of articles by members of the Star of Azazel – has reached its third number. The publication of the anthology was on this occasion overseen by lodge Phanes, one of the international lodges working under the philosophy of the Star of Azazel. The articles are of diverse nature, each reflecting the respective emphasis of its writer. In this way, the publication gives a glimpse of various ways and tools to emphasise one’s focus within an occult society as the Work proceeds through its phases.

Articles included:

Frater Nefastos:
Integration Through Death & Dream
Frater Kenazis:
Four Hells as a Psychological Model of Spiritual Ascension
Frater Kenazis:
Emptiness Meditation
Frater Wyrmfang:
Esotericism and the Critique of Religion
Sodalis Obnoxion:
The Example of the Witch of En-dor

110 pages of occult literature, illustrated. Limited to 254 copies.

Photo and write-up courtesy of Viides Askel.