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Fosforos (No Dust Jacket)

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  • Image of Fosforos (No Dust Jacket)
  • Image of Fosforos (No Dust Jacket)

Fosforos: Study on the Being & Essence of Satan and on the Occult Philosophy in Six Parts, but without the dust jacket.

Translated and adapted from Viides Askel:

FOSFOROS is a six-volume treatise on Satanism and occult philosophy. The work presents a comprehensive philosophical system and a large-scale treatise on the nature of the archetypal Satan. Fosforos deals with the doctrines of the absolute, emanation, the problem of good and evil, free will and the fundamental forces of nature, the night side of occult imagery, and practical magic. Originally published in 2002, the grimoire is an introduction to both the basic principles of occult science in general and the philosophy, magic, and ethics of the Brotherhood of the Star of Azazel.


– POLYHARMONIA: The Philosophy of Oneness
– DISCORDAMELIOR: The Philosophy of Perdition
– NECROSOPHIA: The Philosophy of Death
– PENTAGRAMMATON: The Consistency of Man and the Practice of Magic
– CISTA MYSTICA: The Symbology of Satanism
Appendix I: Hieroglyphic Key to the Seven Principles
Appendix II After Death

2013, First English Pressing, Ixaxaar
219 pp
Written by Johannes Nefastos
Translated by J. Nefastos and I. Meinander
Edited by M. Wightman
Black faux leather illustrated (stamped), red lettering to spine, black and white illustrations
Out of print
Brand new, never read, mint condition
Missing the dust jacket